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Map Production

Summit GIS and Mapping can produce customised maps using a wide variety of spatial datasets, to suit a wide range of purposes.  If the spatial data is available, then we can create the map you need. If the right spatial data doesn’t exist, then Summit GIS and Mapping can create the data… then make the map!


Spatial Data Management

Summit GIS and Mapping can provide a range of spatial data management services to suit your specific needs including: spatial database design; spatial database construction; spatial data collection (including desktop and field data collection); spatial data brokering (helping you to source the right spatial data for your project); and spatial data file format conversion.


Spatial Data Visualisation

Visualise your data spatially to reveal otherwise unseen patterns, trends and relationships.  Much of the data that is collected and held by organisations has a spatial or geographic component that allows that data to be viewed in the form of a 2D map or 3D graphic visualisation.


Spatial Data Modelling and Analysis

While spatial data visualisation may reveal interesting patterns within your data, higher level modelling and analysis may reveal trends and relationships that exist across multiple datasets and layers of information.  With spatial modelling and analysis you can begin to address more complex and in-depth queries, and explore a range of different scenarios.


Address Geocoding

At Summit GIS and Mapping we offer an address geocoding service.  Address geocoding is the process of deriving geographic coordinates for street address locations and is the first step towards seeing your data plotted on a map.  Address geocoding is also a very useful way of ‘cleaning’ your address data, as the process compares your data with national address databases such as those used my major corporations for enabling location based services.


Web Mapping

The ability to present interactive web-based maps provides organisations with a powerful medium through which to communicate spatially with their target audience.  Summit GIS and Mapping can help you to get your spatial data onto web-based maps and into the hands of those who need it.

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